Nääsville Bluegrass Festival 2013-07-13.   Thank you Lena Odén for the photo.


Photo: Kenneth Friberg
Audition for TV4's Talang 2010 at Oskarsteatern in Stockholm 2010-03-17.
One of Kenneth Friberg's better photos!

Photo: Günter Görres.
Competing in Country SM in Sälen 2008-09-26.
We didn't win the competition but we got 53 % of the votes from the audience!

Check out Maggan's new bass!
Nääsville Bluegrass Festival, Ätran, 2008-07-12.

What strings do you use?
Anders found a colleague in the deep woods of Småland.

Photo: Kenneth Friberg
Country Festival at Ulvsättra Bygdegård 2008-05-10.

A cappella in Sälen's Fjällkyrka 2007-09-29.

Photo: Kenneth Friberg
Farsta Teater 2007-02-17.

Tina's having fun!
Torsåker Bluegrass Festival 2006-07-01.

Photo: Kenneth Friberg
Cold Mountain is beautiful in the wintertime.  On our way to a gig.

Photo: Kenneth Friberg
Working hard to get the bass down.

Photo: Kenneth Friberg.


Bluegrass festival in Risør, Norway 2005-07-13.

Playing for Saltsjö Square Dancers.
Dieseldansen, Nacka 2004-10-03.

A view from the stage.

Can you play anything with Frank Sinatra?
Birthday party, Vänge bygdegård 2004-06-19.

Återvalls Café, Ingarö 2004-08-14.

Clipping from the local newspaper.
Bro Centrum 2004-05-29.

Folkuniversitetet, Uppsala 2004-05-24.