CD - One more Song

CD: One More Song

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One More Song
© Robin Whitehead

One more song, one for the road
Four more chords and then we'll go
One more song for the road
A thousand miles cross sun burnt plains
Different town but the words remain
One more song for the road

Little Paul had a dream
His name in lights and the people scream
And his song playing on the radio
As the sea came in and licked his toes
He closed his eyes and saw the shows
Thinking about just one more song

His daddy came and said to him
A a box to keep his secrets in
And he buried it and hid away the key
The words he wrote and locked up tight
Stuck with him and helped him write
One more song for the road

Ooooooh    Isn't it strange
How we change our lives according to the days
Ooooooh    When weather's fine
Just stay back and bide our time